Saturday, July 18, 2015

Moving on...

It seems about every 3 or 4 years I need to move forwards, whether professionally or athletically. It is a pattern. It does repeat. I'm okay with it. Underneath it all is typically a different pattern, the challenge of whatever drew me in the first place is gone. Recall when it comes to doing nothing, I am the worst. I mean I'm really, really bad at it. 7:00am is radical sleeping in. 8:00am signifies something must be wrong. Get the idea?

So after 3+ years I'm moving forwards again, though this time around I don't feel like I'm changing jobs. More like someone else signing my paychecks and yet again needing to give the pediatrician's office a new set of insurance cards. Day to day life around the Kehm household will be different, but the goal is a net increase in quality family time. How is that? Well my current assignment was a project for 2.5years and that was fine. Nose to the grindstone, tighten the belts, b---s---,b---s---... with one common goal of getting a new system launched and a stodgy old company moving forwards towards circa Y2K class systems. ;)  Despite many delays and much angst, on which I apparently thrive, we hit the finish line January 5, 2015. The flag was up, the pictures were beamed back to Earth, and memorable speeches were made.

And then real life returned. "Oh crap someone has to keep all this running!" Building things is great, awesome really when you see them completed. Touching up nail holes, fixing crooked door frames, etc... not so glamorous. I'm very good at "at keeping the trains running" but I don't enjoy it. What I enjoy least is being on call 7x24; text messages at night, in the morning, while skiing (those were the final straw). Second to that, all the interesting work keeps getting preempted because somebody decided to do something dumb without telling anyone, and then didn't 'fess up. "Forensic troubleshooting" is a pain in the a--, and it almost always demonstrates what we all already knew was true. Just believe me when I tell you what happened and we can move on.

So in a convergence of events, which I'll attribute to fate, I had a lunch with a friend where I was challenged to read a speech from 1988 (* Even if you don't read the rest of my post, I challenge you to read this speech William Zinsser 1988 Wesleyan Speech) and I received an inquiry from another former coworker concerning my interest in a job.

I find I am greatly influenced by great writing. Hell if someone put that much time into composing this stuff, then it must be meaningful. I'm also influenced by a fear of the mediocre. So there I sat, my desires stirred by a 27yr old graduation speech, a scary but intriguing job offer, and staring at the reality that left unchecked I could easily become a 50-something yr old white guy, in a golf shirt and velcro shoes working as a SQL Server 2008 dba (no offense to the dbas out there). It was get up and move or grow moss and slowly die. "And be very wary of security as a goal. It may often look like life’s best prize. Usually it’s not." Security be damned, comfort be damned, I shall not go gently into that good night!

And in a final twist of fate, it turns out my new company has in the past sponsored a triathlon and even entered a team. All of which had me thinking, "Am I Sam Malone ("Cheers") and got this job simply to pitch for the company softball team?!"  You young-uns will have to look that one up! (They also grant a stipend for wellness activities which can be used for entry fees.)

And there you have it. You are now caught up on my life. Any questions?