Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day off

Last week was somewhat more taxing than expected: an absolutely awful commute to Boston and back, numerous other work stressors, and an unexpected medical issue with family. Nothing terrible on it's own, but the cumulative effect has me pretty beat. The physical implications were clear on yesterday's run. So today I'm skipping the planned 2+ hrs of running. It wasn't going to be fast, and physically I would be fine, but it would feel a bit like work. Thus I feel the best plan is to recharge.

So in place of typical words of wisdom, I offer the following:

I managed 4 runs in since this past week.
I'm at 463 miles on the year.
Just seeing people you know can change your heart rate.
Having a bit of a roll at the mid-section (compared to 4yrs ago) results in your FuelBelt staying put as opposed to sliding up!
Every now and then the best goal is no goal. Just be.
Professional soccer games are great with kids because they don't stop the clock. You get there, the game is constantly moving, and it pretty much ends on schedule.
Humans are not designed for sitting still.
Computerized analytics are great, but the complexity and variety processed by your senses and brain is incredible. i.e. Don't be a slave to the numbers and technology if something just doesn't add up in your head.