Sunday, February 01, 2015

'Tis the season

It's winter. No really...winter. Feet of snow winter. Freezing balls off of brass monkeys winter. Winter. And you know what I like about winter? WINTER sports!!! Somewhere on the athletic development road I got seduced like many others into "specificity". Rather than just be a happy active multi-activity athlete, I felt it was more important to focus. Don't get me wrong, focus is important. But does it have to be every day of every year for one sport?  No.

For the most part I run, and just run, these days. But it's not an obsessive annual plan kind of running. It's a "I really enjoy this" kind of running, because each on is different. And because even on my peak weeks I'm only running 6-7 hours which means an extra 5-6 hours for other things, like U12 girls soccer or Little League.  I don't worry if I miss a workout. It's winter, the running off season. It's an off season that's a bit longer than 3 weeks. It means I can ski, or go ice skating with the family, if I want and not be concerned about "missed volume."

Running season is April - October with a break in the summer for beach time. Success is having fun. Yeah I'm running a marathon in February, and why not? We shouldn't avoid things because we're not at our peak.

When you're old and gray, do you want your memories of winter to be a cellar wall or being knee deep in a snow drift while a redtail hawk flies over your head?