Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Do Coyotes eat grapes?

I was cruising along the trails today and noticed a "pile". "Hmm, looks a bit chunky. Sure seems like grape..uh..pulp...and seeds." I was next to Newport Vineyard, so "processed wine grapes" seemed a logical conclusion. The trails are popular with dog walkers, both real sized and not-so-real sized dogs. There's a bit of horseback riding on them as well, and that's another issue. Why do horses get to drop these massive loads, sometimes stretching it out a quarter mile, and nobody has to clean it up? Try letting your dog do that and those same people up on their high horses would be giving you the stink eye for sure! But back to the grapes. First thought was a random dog walker. But then there was another, and another, and another...  We don't have packs of dogs roaming our little island, but we do have packs of coyotes. I just never figured them for the fruit eating sort. I did a search and indeed there are posts of coyotes eating grapes from vineyards. And then I got this funny image as I reconstructed the scene in my head:
The pack is wandering along between the vines. "Hey Sam, try the cabernet. It's pretty good. Ralph there's a malbec over here to die for. Oh not me... had those last year and they didn't agree. Oh shoot someone's coming, let's get out of here."  As they are trotting along away from the vineyard Sam stops to let one go."Come on man. Oh damn...I told you not to eat so many." And then twenty yards later Ralph, "oh boy..." and Fred... and Roscoe. Like the bean scene from "Blazing Saddles." Could one of them have been named Mongo?