Saturday, September 27, 2014


Perspective is a huge part of my (and your) life, both professionally and personally. In short it deals with the fact that the same factual event can be interpreted differently by different people or at different times. So given my current time and place, here's my perspective on me.

1) An outlier.
2) Uninspirational. An after-thought.
3) Too undisciplined to ever reach my full potential.
4) Critical of others when I see my own flaws emerge in them (right kids?).
5) Extraordinarily average. (yes seems to conflict with point #1).
6) Reasonably smart but not even the smartest in my family.

Seems pretty negative, but influenced by time and place. I'm about to attempt something I've never before attempted. I'm aware by many measures I'm woefully unprepared. So I need to really focus, focus on me. Be conservative. Acknowledge my weakness. Try to overcome.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Quitting is not an option...yes it is.

  • Quitting is always an option. It's the ramifications of quitting, the part that lives on long after the decision to quit, that can be truly intolerable.
  • Failure is not an option. Correct. Failure is a result not an option, not a decision. It is a result of quitting.
  • A lot of people fling around the term commitment. Real commitment is sticking with something even when you may never be the direct beneficiary. It's driving towards an ideal in the face of realism. 
  • Understand the difference between losing and being beaten.
  • Understand the difference between rights and privileges. Just because you want something or are able to do something today, doesn't make it a right.
  • Never confuse sacrifice and indulgence. Giving up something because of something you want more is indulgence. Letting something go even though you want it more is sacrifice.
  • You can't give 110%. If you did it means you underestimated what you were actually capable of doing.
  • And finally: If you aren't satisfied with yourself as a person without the medal, you won't be with the medal either.