Sunday, October 13, 2013

Soccer mom triathlon

That was yesterday. With Leanna heading to Connecticut for some R&R, I got to spend some dedicated daddy time with Alex and Dylan (yes it does seem 'Alex' is becoming the approved shortening of her name). Because I'd be flying solo until Sunday afternoon, it meant long run Saturday. This was followed by Dylan's soccer game, lunch, Alex's soccer game and dropping Dylan at a birthday party (concurrent events), two hours of downtime, dinner out and a movie in.

Never disparage a single mom. And a single athlete mom, well, wow. The day went well. Other than a minor trauma, a lost earring at the soccer field, and general apprehension about eating out for the first time since her allergic reaction episode last Sunday (it was scary, more than just daughter traumatized), everything was fine. More than fine actually. I really enjoyed my time with them. I've been working longer hours lately and not spending quality time with the pair, just get them ready for school in the morning and check homework, jammies, and bed at night.

And amazingly I'm finding time to write again. Yeah the kitchen needs to be cleaned and the lawn cut, but that'll get done at some point. Yesterday was the Ironman World Championships, and yes per tradition I followed along, though not obsessively. An Ironman athlete tracker is like watching paint dry, in realtime. And per usual, what may well have been the most exciting finish of the day was missed completely by all apparent coverage. Let's hope a moto caught it so it can be aired next month.

So it was a day of reflecting on who I am now. I'm not currently a triathlete. I may or may not be able to return to it, especially at a reasonably high level. I'm a dad who goes running. I dabble with other "more intense" workouts but find I have little appetite anymore for the intensity. I have a feeling I'm viewed as the annoying soccer dad, yelling and cheering during the games. Texting the play by play to Leanna. I'd like to compete again but like Alex and eating out, I'm quite apprehensive about what would happen when I returned. I really like the thought of trail races...long ones. No sprinting, no lactate threshold, lungs on fire, puke fest. And while the duration of Ironman is about right, I would struggle to find the time to train and really have no desire to battle 3000 people for a patch of water. And I'd probably have to drop money on a computrainer because I am that uncomfortable on the roads anymore. Hell I rarely road run. Nothing relaxing about wondering which car will hit you. I'll take my chances with the coyotes.

I guess I'm a soccer dad...who runs a little (feed on left!).