Thursday, December 27, 2012

Answer the "why"

This sounds like it might be a self-help post, and I wish it was. Actually some may find it as such but really because they looked inside themselves and helped (thus, not because I did anything...and that's as it should be. It's said that nothing worth having comes easy. Well yes and no. Depends on your definition of easy I guess. Consider this. If you could do an activity, something that you can do without any significant instruction or effort to learn, and then just do it over a long period of time, would that be hard or easy? Even better, just avoid doing one thing, especially in a world where there is sooo much, possibly too much choice for alternatives. Is that hard or easy?

My thought: the activities, or lack there of, are incredibly easy. And yet so many people have such a hard time doing precisely this. Cleaning up a diet or exercising are very easy, even instinctual. Persisting the behavior proves to be daunting. And for me this comes down to the why. Why do it? Why exercise? Why eat better? As long as we're going there, why be faithful to a spouse?


I wish to be happy and relaxed. Running regularly helps me feel relaxed which makes me happy. I wish to stay healthy so I can be the support for my wife and kids. It's my role in my life. My strongest supporting thought is to be able to be at my kids' weddings. It is a more powerful image than any other. As someone who annually deals with emotional balance, it is vital to have the one overriding thought. No matter what else happens we stay on track for that.