Wednesday, November 07, 2012

7 days and counting...

The goal is 35 days. Very arbitrary. And there's no plan, no "optimal" training methodology in play. Just looking to see if I can do it. Oh wait, you don't know what "it" is?

I'm running for 35 days straight. Now before you start with all the "that's a good way to get hurt" and "it's been proven that doesn't make you faster", let me say:
1) some of these runs are simply about a mile and a half of jogging with Laddie. In fact if you looked at my total mileage for the first 7 days, I still come in at under 30 miles. Not high mileage.
2) I'm not trying to get faster. In fact in a way I need to get slower, though even that is not a goal for this effort. No, this effort is just because... I want to see if I can.

When's the last time you did something for no reward other than to prove to yourself that you can?