Sunday, September 09, 2012

Road to recovery

I have begun to run again. After spending weeks swimming with my mermaids, it was time to hit the road and see where things stood. I haven't run a lot, but if you include time spent with Laddie, I've probably covered 30 miles in about 2 weeks. And things are getting better. After a first run which was real work, yesterday I covered 5.7 miles on a combined road and trail run, at a pace which is very much in line with how I normally. run. It made me happy. Sure there was tightness afterwards, but I have a new found diligence towards stretching and more accurately, general mobility. I have a little "yoga-like" (I'm not good enough to truly call it yoga!) I use before the run. I'll spend time manipulating my hips afterwards to loosen things up. "But wasn't it your calf?" Well, the calf was the victim. What is apparent is that the whole chain, from back to toes, needed attention. And as I give it attention the calf feels better and relaxes.

I am growing to love swimming. I love swimming with the mermaids. But when it comes to running, I love running alone. Once in a while a partner is nice, but in general this is my quiet time. Not running was really hard. Really, really hard. The sense of relief when I finally saw a mile split begin with a "6" was tangible. I could once again plan for a future with running included. Aquabike champion just didn't do it for me!

And what is this future? Well I need a break from Ironman. Probably needed it before this year. It doesn't mean I won't race the odd triathlon, but they will not be my "A" races. While I don't have the details yet, or a plan, or anything, I've known for a while what I want: I want to extend to ultra-running. I think I could be good, but who knows? But at least it's an unknown. It is something new. I have no history so I have no unfair comparisons to make with "my younger self." And of course at the end of it all there is another bucket list item, something up there with Kona, that possibly awaits! 

And what of Kona? Maybe someday.