Saturday, August 11, 2012

Starting over

Funny how much you find you really miss something which you took for granted. I'd love to be running right now. I get discount coupons for running shoes and ... well I do nothing with them because I won't be running until probably September, and even then it will be a slow rebuild. So to compensate I'm channeling this pent up frustration in a constructive direction. Once and for all I'm going to make a concerted effort to be a good swimmer. And to define "good swimmer" I've decided to use as a comparison some of my running numbers! In truth it's totally arbitrary, but it gives me a good "reach goal," i.e. a goal that at present does not seem that attainable. So here's the deal: I want to be able to do repeats of 100yds in the pool in the same time as I do repeats of 400m on the track. That's 1:15. In fact as I project it out I like that 100yd pool to 400m track ratio. 1600M on the track is roughly 5:20. I'd take that for my 400yd swim. And if I never get there, well that's not the whole point. It is at least keeping my mind occupied.

So to accomplish this goal, I'm getting back to basics, and by basics I mean as if it were winter (and I couldn't bike or run). You see while some might think this injury only occurred at mile 12 of Lake Placid, or perhaps 2 weeks earlier on Paradise Avenue in Middletown, in my gut I think this happened this past winter. You see I missed all of winter base training this year.

Many people overlook the winter. Indeed you can fool yourself into thinking you're good to go just by starting when the weather gets nice. But I've always known races are won and lost in the winter. My crews always raced well if we put in the work when the weather was dark cold and sucky. When spring was so far off you didn't even allow yourself to think of it. In those long nasty sessions we built strength, durability, flexibility, and balls.

And I'm getting older which does mean little things creep up on you if you don't pay attention. You lose a little flexibility. Minor supporting muscles weaken. Things are masked by the continued strength of the major components, and ironically by the growth in knowledge. As I've gotten better at executing a race, I think I've gotten a little less thorough in preparing because I can make up for a whole lot of weakness by being smart.

So now I've got no choice but to rethink everything and start over. And truth be known, it's kind of an exciting concept, largely because there is a degree of uncertainty back in the equation.