Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's a dog's life.

It's been a full week of all Laddie, all the time. Alexandra loves him. Dylan loves him but is a wee bit jealous of the attention he gets (Laddie's inclusion now makes Dylan our middle child!). Mommy and Daddy love him. He's still warming up to us and his new surroundings, but is doing well...well except for that little bout of *ahem* the runs after visiting the groomer. "We just paid to get you smelling good!" Oh well. He's a funny, every present, sneaky, and lovable guy and he's totally dominated the scene in the house and at the bus stop since his arrival.

This dog, known as Daddy, has been working like one but has managed to begin getting training reps in in preparation for my return to multisport racing on April 15. No predictions as to what my form will be like for the key races in the June and July (Rev3 Quassy and Ironman Lake Placid), but for now at least I'm moving again. A lot of ground to cover on the bike, enough to make me contemplate a few bike races this spring. Need to jump start the form and a good off the back ass whoop'n always seems to accomplish that goal.

And as if I didn't have enough going on, I have begun to write about what I do professionally in another blog found here. It's actually a nice release. In the past I tried to avoid my professional life once outside of work. I'm now seeing that the real key is to embrace and acknowledge it as part of me...just like admitting I AM truly my father's son.

And a final note: a shout out to my friend and teammate Mary Eggers who somehow has coerced the one and only Lance Armstrong into a 50yd kick race at the University of Buffalo pool. The "race" is a fundraiser for Teens Living with Cancer and the Lance Armstrong Foundation (I'll have a link to the donation page on my Facebook wall and Twitter when it is available). Mary's a piece of work. She's always cheering, always smiling, and clearly does not let little things like anxiety or fear get in the way of a good idea! Way to go Mary. beyond proud of you.

Cheers for now. If you need to find me, I'll be the guy outside with that really cute black lab who wants to chase the coyotes at 2:00am!