Sunday, February 19, 2012

One of those firsts

Last weekend the family took a trip to Wachusett Mountain for a little ski trip. Sure there's not a lot of snow, but that wasn't the main reason for the trip. We were meeting up with our friends Paul and Carol, with whom we shared our adventure in St. Petersburg, Russia .

We had not been skiing as a family since last year when Alexandra was 6 and Dylan 4. The highlight of that trip was Leanna and I skiing together for almost the first time since we became parents. We put the kids in ski lessons and got in a few runs of our own. In the interim the kids got their own skis and we put them in lessons after school at a local ski area (yes there is a ski are in Rhode Island!). So when we went to Wachusett there were no lessons.  I fully expected to be spending much of the day with Dylan because his lesson group had not yet ridden a chair lift or indeed gone down a full hill of any sort. Well no matter, it did feel good to be on the slopes.

When we got our gear on Dylan said he wanted to follow Mommy and Alexandra who had gone over to a chair lift. I said, "Why don't we warm-up a little on the magic carpet and then we can head over." Well if he had known how to drop f-bombs he would have said, "F--- that Dad. We're gett'n on the f---'n chair lift with f---'n Mommy and f---'n Alexandra!" I was in no mood to deal with a meltdown this early in the day so I said, "Fine. Listen to me and I'll help you get on the chair." In my head I'm thinking, "If he gives me a hard time well... chump don't want no help, chump don't get no help!"

The chair comes swinging around and low and behold my little buddy gets right on! I helped him shift back a little, lowered the bar, and we were off! Then when we get to the top, I'm giving him that over protective fatherly advice and ... he's off and going. "Wait up buddy!" And he didn't slow down the whole day. By the end he even attempted some intermediate slopes. He was that little kid we've all seen; the one in the helmet bombing down the slopes scarcely turning! And also by the end of the day when he fell, low and behold, as I side-stepped back up the hill to help him get his skis on, he clipped in on his own and just shot passed me!

And not to forget big sister Alexandra; she was the one all in pink flying around the slopes! Mommy was trying to keep up with her, not the other way around. She and I skied together as well.

So there it was, the first day we all skied together...grown up skiing!