Sunday, December 19, 2010

More week 3

Okay week 3 is really in the books this time. I'll tell you about it, but I'm worried about jinxing myself. After a moment last week when my legs felt tapped, which I can pretty much say with 100% confidence was due to inadequate recovery (stress, nutrition, sleep), I've been extra diligent...and it showed. My legs were OUTSTANDING today. It was my longest ride of the block, coupled with a run, and I just crushed it. The power climbed steadily throughout the ride, and I felt really smooth on the run. And all this came after a very encouraging swim yesterday where I strung together a few 500s (actually 500,600,500 because I can't count!) with only a 9sec variance between the 500s. I've never been that consistent in the water.

So I'm relaxing about things. Hell it's not even December 20th! I feel like my form is as good, if not better than, Pumpkinman. Maybe I'm slower from the extra weight, but something's going right, and actually I've got a theory about that. The big difference this time around is my head. I'm focused. I like my job. The kids are older and sort of get it. At least they get that I have to do something and more or less let me park them in front of a Scooby Doo DVD and/or art supplies while I ride. In return I try to make sure eveything is done and I'm refueled by 10:00am. Longer workout, earlier start. But the single biggest thing is the realizing just how difficult training got the last time around. Leanna was ill. Every workout was something I just needed to get done and out of the way. There wasn't much enjoyment. Today when I came up the stairs and saw the kids sitting in the family room and Leanna downloading pictures in the living room, I knew that I could do this. It was quiet. Normal. We can all do this...together. We are a team, even if I'm the one training my body. And the team is strong.

Speaking of the team, we had a couple of other "team events" this weekend. Friday night Alexandra took part in her gymnastics exhibition, and Saturday morning Dylan tested for and received his yellow belt in karate. Sure he's 4 so he's not some full contact martial arts terror. But he is learning. His skill level is beyond that of the new "little dragons" and most of all he likes it. He likes it to the point he actually enjoys the occasional practice session with me at home. And he even surprised his instructor, Sensei Jesse, by knowing the difference between a front punch and a thrust punch.

Today the team did a nature hike around Sachuest Point. I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've all done the loop and I didn't end up carrying someone the last 1/2 mile or so. We saw plenty of wildlife. A red-tailed hawk passed about 15ft over our heads. And of course there was another coyote on my run this morning. "Nice doggy...Nice doggy..."