Friday, December 17, 2010

IMCDA Training week 3

Technically week 3 isn't over yet. But the "theme" is beginning to make itself known. As the training hours tip towards the double digits again, for the first time I woke up with my legs feeling tapped out. Okay I woke up at 4:15am, but nonetheless I felt a bit tapped out. I had an outstanding run Thursday, my paces validating what I sensed about my run; it was coming back. But add in some work and holiday stress, take out some sleep, and the restoration just didn't happen on schedule. I still got through the ride today in good shape, though at lower average power, but it seems unlikely I will be running on consecutive days this weekend. Fatigue begets bad form, and bad form begets injury. Job #1 is to avoid injury. To replace the missed run time, I'll be logging a little more pool and bike time. No big deal. As I've said before, it's not even x-mas; don't be stupid.

In other news I got a care package from De Soto sport today. 3 pair of shorts, repaired free of charge. Now THAT is customer service. I really needed those reinforcements, so the timing is perfect. Merry X-Mas!!

Finally, if you weren't in the holiday spirit yet, have a look. How can you not feel the magic?!

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