Sunday, December 12, 2010

IMCDA Training week 2

Okay, I'm only two weeks in to a 30 week haul, so no reason to overanalyze things...but then again if we never overanalyzed things we'd be missing out on one of the great privileges of being human!

The theme for this week was "back off the ledge." The focus was on a very workman like, and hopefully intelligent, approach to the training. And this amazing thing happened: things started clicking. And the more they clicked the more relaxed I became. The numbers are not world beaters right now, but things really feel like they are moving in the proper direction. The extra weight I'm carrying is definitely helping my recovery between workouts. The one area where my volume is a little off right now is my running, mostly because of intermittent discomfort in my right ankle. However, I had a very encouraging run on Friday, enough so that I really don't think I'm behind at all. I have a test of mile repeats in two weeks, so we'll have a better idea then, but let's just say I'm confident.

And then there's my swimming. Yesterday I had this strange experience. I put in ~2000yds and you know where I felt it? In my legs. No I do not have an egg beater kick. Far from it, actually. My best guess is that I was kicking off the wall a little harder than usual. Also, my shoulders did not feel it at all. Middle back some, but not arms and shoulders. Oh, and I also lowered my golf PR to 63.

It's a strange experience, this being confident and relaxed. Only a week ago I was ready to quit. Now I'm feeling good. Heck, it's December 12. There's time. I'm starting to think my biggest challenge will be to pace myself so I don't plateau too soon.

As an aside, there is this growing movement to return to my rowing roots for the C.R.A.S.H.-B.'s. In QT2 fashion, people want to ride an indoor bike TT and do an erg race in the same day! I miss rowing, but not really erg racing. I was never great at it and it hurt like hell. That said I'm concerned I will have to go for it just because... And I'm pretty sure I won't be satisfied unless I'm back pulling in the 6:40s anyway. That's a lot of work in a discipline I haven't done seriouly since 1995. The good news: rowing crosses over really well to triathlon. After all that's how I got into the sport.