Sunday, November 14, 2010

Long weekend

Stop laughing Leanna. It wasn't long because I had the kids...okay maybe a little! It's been a while since I had an extended break from work, if you think 4 days is extended! The Blackberry has remained sheathed and despite being on my laptop I have not checked work email. I know I have things due but not only will I be able to get them done Monday, worst case they will be a little late. It's real work to no obsess on ALWAYS having everything done at work and getting upset when it is not. The reality is that obsession often keeps me from getting things done at home, with the kids, etc... “Me first” is the new motto. Yes, yes I'm sure you think that was the old motto as well! Well triathletes, especially us long distance sorts, are known for being fairly self-absorbed. It's not because we're bad people. It's because there is so much to keep in order, so much to do to prepare, that frankly it can be very overwhelming. Ahh, overwhelming...I'm pretty sure I'm going to set a new record for "I can't do this I'm going to quit" during the Coeur D'Alene training. I had at least three or four of those moments before Lake Placid in 2009. Well here we haven't even started formal training (2 wks) and I've already had one. I think it really revolves around the fact that somehow I need to recreate space for training time. I've kept a decent routine going in terms of repetitions, but the durations have been much shorter. That does not mean, however, that I've just had all this free time sitting around. Rather other things have filled that time, notably work and sleep! Well I need to keep the sleep so guess what's getting "deprioritized!" I also get overwhelmed by the cost of this. I was listing out the expenditures for Coeur d’Alene and it's really pretty daunting. Yeah we can do it, I mean Dylan doesn't really need to go to school does he? **Note: If any of my teammates going to Coeur d’Alene need a roommate, drop me a line. The family's not making the trip.**

After 44 years, though, this creating stress and then forcing myself through it seems to be part of the process. Which each have our thing and I guess this one is mine. It's hard to imagine a build up with stress the level of 2009. That was real stress and anxiety. I have this saying, "if you can throw money at a problem and make it go away then it's not really much of a problem now is it." It's a statement about relative importance of things. When people are ill, money doesn't fix it, and that's a real problem. The fact that airlines now f--- you to fly a bike, well it's an annoying pain in the a--, but not really a problem on par with what we've been through in this house. (By the way, I'm planning on using Tribike Transport unless someone has a better thought.)

Here are my some starting numbers in the three disciplines along with the same numbers from the beginning of training in 2009. You'll see that across the board the numbers are better. I think this means the improvement curve will be flatter, but with the 30 weeks of training leading to Coeur D'Alene, I hope to end up at a level never before achieved, one which will bring me across the line in under 10hrs (fyi, it makes me anxious just typing that!).

Swim: 800yd (11:58), in 2009 13:10, Golf score 64, in 2009 69
Bike: 265watt 20min avg, 2009 250watt
Run: 7:18 mid Z1 pace, 2009 7:30 mid Z1

Other numbers:
Resting HR 46bpm. Functional (observed) Max 170bpm.
Weight 160lbs

By the way, my exciting weekend has included but is not limited to: A trip to the dentist, a 5 year old birthday party for Dylan's friend at an arcade, an anxious sister at the party, a son melting down because he wasn't allowed to throw the ski ball overhand, a full day of the worst (in terms of quality not taste) food I've had in my body in YEARS...still in sodium OD shock, benefit elections for 2011, garbage day, making the kids clean the toy room (it's a very "Egyptian Slave Driver build the damn pyramids" experience), one gymnastics class (with another meltdown, but apparently that's a very common experience there because all the little gymnasts are mini prima donnas), solo parent at a 4 kid play date (*Note, small animals make this a piece of cake, though I do think the kitten spent a few of those 9 lives already!), and 45minutes of running, 3200yds of swimming, and 45min on the trainer (so far). We crossed an important threshold, the kids behaving themselves and watching a show or playing while Dad rolled on the trainer.