Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fortunately I can use flexible spending for band-aids

**Let me apologize in advance for likely offending the womens with some of the terminology.**

Training has become very quantitative these days. There are numbers and measures for everything; right in the sweet spot of a business intelligence data geek like myself. Along with ones many people use, I have some "personal" ones which while harder to record w/o lots of data points but are very meaningful. e.g. Cardiac response, the slope of your heart rate changes vs. time with a change in effort. It's about how quickly my heart rate both increases and subsequently decreases with the addition or subtraction of effort. When I'm fit this is steep. When I'm not, not so much. But here's the thing: as valuable as all these hard numbers are in determining fitness, no number is as powerful as that qualitative measure which tells me it's time to rest a bit: blatant stupidity. Similarly a serious lack of coordination is highly correlated. And not to be outdone, there's the moodiness referred to by some as "being on the rag" and others as "having sand in your vagina" or maybe just "a bug in your a--." An inability to push to functional max during intervals is another measure, sometimes described as a bout of "vaginitis."

One of these conditions is bad enough to usually necessitate some sort of plan modification. When you've got all of the above? Shut it down. I tried to deny the facts when it was just some vaginitis, but when Leanna began inquiring about the bug in my a--, maybe I should have taken note. When I got a bit freaked out (out of the blue) while 1/4 mile off shore in 3ft swells I might have figured out I needed to dial back. Maybe the fly and die run would clue me in? No, it took the missed shift/dropped chain on a 12% pitch/leaning fall/sliced knuckle (this sequence filed under blatant stupidity) to give me a clue. Yeah, no denying the blatant stupidity. 8 miles riding in with blood running down my arm, and cutting off the last 18 mile loop was my acceptance. I did do my T-run, which all things considered was decent, but then it was quiet time until Tuesday. Since then things have been getting back on track. I had an encouraging swim and a better ride and run. I can't say I've fully got my mojo back, but I'm not that whiny bitch anymore either.

PS: The knuckle wrapped in "Woody, Bullseye, and Jesse" (Toy Story 3) was quite the conversation piece at work!