Wednesday, August 04, 2010

So this is what my parents felt...

My mom saved lots of stuff from my childhood in my parents basement. Once we bought our house in Middletown, "care packages" began arriving with some of my stuff from long, long ago. I remember thinking three things:

1) I can't believe this is still around.
2) You held onto this crap all that time?
3) What the hell am I going to do with it?

Well yesterday I experienced some of what was probably going through my mom's head and heart. We are beginning to make some room in our overcrowded travesty of a cellar, and to do that it means things such as the crib and bags of baby toys must go. It really was not that long ago that we used these items, and yet they will never be used again. I confess to feeling sad as they went into the dumpsters at the transfer station. My little nugget and the wee man are no longer that.

(FYI, most items are slated to be ground up and recycled.)