Saturday, August 14, 2010

Quote of the week (and other memorable moments/thoughts from vacation)

Dylan (sitting in the shallow water of Crystal Lake) - "Daddy, there's water in my hole."

I'm such a juvenile! Had I been drinking anything, it would have been coming through my nose. That was last Monday. You see we spent this last week on what might well have been our first full family vacation, and I mean a true vacation. The road bike stayed home. As it turned out the running shorts (and socks!) stayed home, though that was by accident. Sure I was upset about my stuff being left at home, but only for a short while. I've been more huffy for a lot longer about other things in my day. Instead this became an opportunity to say "f--- it. For one week I'm just a guy with his family (who had his swim stuff and mountain bike and could still sneak in a little sump'n sump'n during the week)!

There were so many things that we experienced, that it's hard to remember everything. But I'll try to hit the high points. Going back to my little buddy Dylan, along with the quote Dylan had the first memorable event of the week. We had taken a boat over to a remote part of Nauset Beach and there were horseshoe crab bodies everywhere. Well leave it to my little buddy. He has a way of grabbing things that he shouldn't. Recall the bumble bee he tried to hand to Mommy? Well here we are two years later. "Ouch Daddy. It poked me." Yes Dylan found the LIVE horseshoe crab. Meanwhile Alexandra was mermaid girl. She put her mask on and just started swimming along checking out things on the bottom, and diving down to grab things.

The next day we hit the bike path as a family. For this, we unveiled Dylan's new Lightning McQueen bicycle!

The bike path was crowded and a little hairy at times, but all had a good time...well almost all. Dylan didn't have the best trip because he took two diggers. However, he got some ice cream at Cobie's and finished up the ride. What a trooper. However, he was done for the rest of the trip. His sister on the other hand, she couldn't get enough. Later in the week Daddy and Alexandra got to go out on the path together, and yes, we covered some miles. Give her some "daddy sippy" (Gatorade), a juice box, some gummies, and a place to pee outdoors, and she is good to go!

And lest you think it was all kids and parents (and grandparents) having a good old fashioned family vacation, well, Mommy and Daddy got a little grown-up time. And what do two grown-ups do when getting their first free time in what seems like years? Why they hit a drag show! Actually I got to cross two things off the bucket list: "#47: Drag Show" *check* "#58: Happy hour at gay dance club" *check*!

*begin digression*
Let me digress for a moment. The thing that jumped out at me in these experiences was how the "human experience" has absolutely nothing to do with sexual orientation. Did you know that there are some really uncoordinated arrhythmic gay people? There were quite a few lonely people as well, just like you'd find in any straight club on any night. And there were nice people and d-bags. Maybe because I clearly was just an observer, and as a middle aged man could really give a rats ass what people think about me, I was able to appreciate things in an objective way I couldn't when I was a young'n hit'n the clubs (no comments Miss Leanna). People are people, even when they are in an orange prom gown and blonde wig yelling "Hi runner!"
*end digression*

Of course it wasn't all fun and games. Stress is an ever present part of life. You try to let your guard down, and wham! In retrospect it didn't dampen the enjoyment of the trip, but what a pain-in-the-ass that they did such a lousy job cleaning our room. We stayed at the Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster and at those rates you'd think they could clean up the hair balls, candy wrappers, cheese-its, and families of dust bunnies left over from prior guests (we don't eat candy or cheese-its). My pillow fell behind the bed...and then had to be washed. A bit distressing because I'm not made of money you know, and this vacation was a little bit of a reach because I truly wanted to experience it with my family. They did waive the resort fee after we complained for the 3rd time (and I'm not a complainer, really), but they're still getting a nice letter.

And it wouldn't have been a vacation if someone didn't get sick. Yes Miss Alexandra got the scratchy throat, mild fever, and bad attitude I had last Saturday following my training ride (more on that and the Garmin file in a later post). But don't think for a second that that stopped her. No, it would take a lot more than a summer cold to have her miss anything...anything at all. She's a little terminator "And (she) absolutely will not stop, ever..."

Yes the last week was truly memorable. We have tons of photos which will end up on Facebook soon. The kids have memories now like I have from my childhood, and that makes me so happy I can't explain it. Dylan and mini golf. Alexandra on ready for two wheels. Tons of hermit crabs. The elusive minnows. Grandpa and "the stick" comment (I'll explain another time...). Special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for watching the kids a bit and to Alan and Mike for showing us a good time.

And of course my loving wife out and having fun and dancing, something that could not have happened a year ago. I love you.