Sunday, August 15, 2010

I have a laptop and a blog and I'm not afraid to use them! (or Why you should sponsor me.)

I'm fairly analytical in nature. Hell, it's what I do for a living. So when I sit here and assess my marketability, the "why" a company should sponsor me, I come up with nothing...almost. It's really a matter of perspective. I'm not Lebron (thank god!). More to the point, I'm not Craig Alexander, Chris McCormack, Andy Potts, hell I'm not a triathlete of any note whatsoever! I'm not a professional athlete at all. There is nothing significantly different between me and the multitude of age group athletes who are out there in the wee hours of the morning, or night, in the rain, in the snow, in all sorts of crap hammering out hours and miles to be 5 minutes faster at the end of 10 hours next year. I have a full time job at a bank. I have a wife and two children. I have a modest house with a mortgage. I'm not special in any demonstrable fashion. And that...that is the key. There is nothing different. I'm representative of the vast demographic which inexplicably (to those who don't understand) spend hours, and yes dollars, on sport. Perhaps my advantage over many is simply that I found my focus on sport a bit earlier than some and have a bit of a head start. Oh, and I can write a bit too.

Racing is expensive, but frankly can be budgeted fairly easily. Entry fee, travel, room, food for x number of big deal. The price clearly limits the amount of destination races, but really there are other limiters that play a bigger role. For me the bigger issue comes in the form of unplanned expenses, and these occur in training as much if not more than racing. Good wheels, power meters, heart rate monitors, tires, tubes, chains, shorts, shoes, shirts, socks, food (oh god the cost of food), water bottles...this stuff adds up. As my sponsor I'd be looking for you to help me get through the training so I can make it to the races. This year alone I had 3 pairs of $80 shorts blow out seams (I'm huge...okay no I'm not!). Stuff like clothing, shoes, parts, "hydration systems", if you got it to share I'll proudly display it in training and racing. No worries about look'n all NASCAR here!

So what's in it for you? Well I don't expect something for nothing. Send me stuff and I'll use it and write an honest review about it. If I like it I'll pimp your goods to all my friends and even some people I don't like! If it's junk I'll adhere to my personal standard that I will not just denounce an item. Rather I will provide constructive feedback as to how it can be better. And for pricier items (e.g. if a bike manufacturer would want to loan me a ride or wheels), I'd gladly return them following the review. You see I'm easy. And I can talk when inspired...or write...or Tweet (somewhat)...

I'm a middle aged man, and we have no inhibitions because frankly it's just too damn late to change us. That means you'll get pure, unadulterated honesty. I have a lovely wife, two darling kids, and for some unknown reason this need to be a triathlete. It's as if it is encoded in my DNA. I'm never more content than when I'm so exhausted I can hardly speak. And that is a story which describes untold numbers of us.

Sound appealling? Drop me a line and let's make a deal: joel dot kehm at gmail dot com.