Monday, July 19, 2010

Relaxing is hard work

I'm nursing more aches and pains now than when I'm seriously training. Sore shoulders, knees, you name it. Leanna's getting ready to trade me in for a newer model! Take yesterday for example, I injured myself picking up dinner. Okay there's a little more to the story than that, but sadly not much. I was walking in the door carrying our mexican take-out, and the next thing I was hitting the ground with all my weight on my left elbow. Hurt like a mother. Thought I would hurl. Turns out little "D" had turtled on the threshhold rather than walking right in. Because my hands were full I couldn't see him so down I went. He and Alexandra were upset to see Daddy writhing in pain on the floor. Alexandra brought me the blanket she uses for her dolls and Dylan brought me his Snoopy. All of this while I was still on the floor! Yes, the thought was very sweet.

I already had a minor, nagging issue related to an impingement in my right shoulder. And the ankle...can't forget about the ankle (too much fun in the sand!). Yeah, time for that mega-bottle of Advil from BJs and some focus on rehab. And no Leanna, you cannot hire the pool boy that looks like he's from "Twilight". We don't even have a pool!

So I think I want to race some sprint tris again. I used to be pretty good at these. I haven't actually raced anything shorter than an Olympic distance tri since 2003, and only a few of those. Since 2006 it's been almost exclusively 1/2 and full Ironman. Maybe it's from being bumped and bruised again and realizing that bumps and bruises aren't the end of the world, but I think it might do me some good to get right into the middle of some scrum in the water at a sprint tri and then bustin' ass on my bike and run.

You might have noticed a dearth of training data from me lately. Well I've been mostly training naked (minds out of the gutter please), which is to say w/o my Garmin or any other watch. I've just been focusing on pacing and feeling smooth without the mental stress of watchign crappy performance numbers come up because we're into week 3 or 4 of 90+ degree weather. No I'm not complaining about the weather, just making the point that one needs to provide some accommodation for performance when the weather is like this, and the best way for me to do that is to leave the watch.

I'm really going to miss LP this weekend. I raced there the last two years, the two best Ironman years of my life. Good luck friends.

(If you were looking for deep thought/philosophical musings, well sorry. I've got nothing right now.)