Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This past Monday we took the kids to an amusement park, a small amusement park, but an amusement park nonetheless. The park was Lake Quassapaug (Quassy) in Middlebury, CT. Some of you tri peeps might know the location from Rev3. While Alexandra has been to Disney, that hardly counts. She was really little and didn't really experience the park.

The biggest adult decision of the day was to go on a weekday and not weekend. It could have been hell had it been crowded. After that the day was as much about me being a kid again as a parent...and it was awesome. We started the day on the "Mad Mouse", a little coaster from 1920 or so. I was terrified that the damn thing would hurl us off the track and we'd free fall to the ground! And I don't think my kids will ever let me forget screaming like a little girl as we vanished into the darkness of "the Big Flush", a water curvy slide which is entirely in the dark! Then there was the water park, the "Saturation Station." A good amount of time was also spent in the lake swimming with lots of little fishies. Then it was back to the Big Flush with Alexandra while Dylan and Mommy checked out some rides that Dylan had his eye on.

I managed to keep the "investment" in crappy midway stuffed animals to $8.00. Of course to pull this off I had to throw the squirt gun game, not once, but twice. And yes the kids made sure to let me know that "You're not very good at this game Daddy." I didn't make it too obvious. A miss here and there, no more than a couple seconds, and they would win.

Today I was back at work, at a job that I actually like, and was struck by how contrived our "real lives" are. Raw emotion, laughter, and fun with loved ones; that is real. Worrying about whether or not we have an indicator for "Criticized Loans" in our new database, kind of silly. Sure the second decision has lots of implications surrounding it which could effect millions of dollars, but maybe the takeaway there is that real life isn't really about money, now is it.