Sunday, June 27, 2010

No baby no more.

Alexandra and Dylan are the joys of my life, and if you've been a follower of this journal you already know that. This weekend took the experience to a new level, however. This was the first full weekend of summer and we celebrated in traditional style; two trips down the street to the Altantic Ocean. Both kids having been making great progress with their swimming this year. Private lessons have made a huge difference, especially for the occasionally anxious little girl named Alexandra. So with the water a reasonable 70 degrees and the surf only in the 1-3ft range, we let them boogie board w/o life jackets. I was never more than 10ft away, and we kept a fairly strict thigh deep rule.

The kids were full bore from the beginning. While Dylan wasn't quite getting the nuances of catching a wave (he is only 3 after all), Alexandra was figuring it out. She would position herself just at the break, and time her jump so she accelerated down the front. It was amazing watching her take waves all the way into shore. But the best moment came when I relaxed enough to "play" myself. I still kept an eye on them at all times, but Daddy was determined to have a little fun as well. After a couple warm ups to get my timing down, I laid out on a wave (body surfing) using my favorite "side stroke" technique. Over the years it has always provided me with the best glide and with my head out of the water, still a continuous view of my kids while they played. Well during the 3rd or 4th ride of the day, I looked and low and behold I had a companion on my wave. Alexandra had caught the same wave I had and was riding right next to me! It was awesome...

And as for "buddy", between riding the waves and chasing the seagulls, he still found time to make eyes at the ladies. Apparently coeds who attend Syracuse are his type!

(**Note: Alexandra also ran her brother over while on waves on numerous occasions this weekend. She "claims" they were "accidents...")