Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kona or Bust?

Going through one of those mini crises again. You see I have about one week to decide what I'm doing next year as far as racing. Why do I have to decide now? Well thanks to the wonder of Ironman, or should I say the marketing of Ironman, if you want to build a season plan which involves an M-Dot Ironman event (yes I know that is redundant), you pretty much have to have your mind made up 366 days before the event. That is because these events often sell out approximately 13 minutes and 34.3 seconds after registration opens.

So with no further delay, here is the list.

Option 1) Ironman Coeur D'Alene 2011 --> Kona 2011
Option 2) Ironman Lake Placid 2011 --> Kona 2011
Option 3) Ironman Louisville 2011 --> Kona 2011
Option 4) Ironman Wisconsin 2011 --> Kona 2012

I've never raced Coeur D'Alene and the travel logistics are a bit more difficult. Family would not be able to attend, but they aren't that excited about attending any next year, so maybe that is moot. The swim may be a bit cold, but not nearly as packed as Lake Placid. Lots of QT2 people will be there next year. Area looks really nice. One big enticement is the extra month to recover before rebuilding for Kona.

I know Lake Placid cold. I could race it in my sleep. I know the shifts on my bike. I know the sensations on the run. I could visualize this race 1000 times before race day. Family would probably attend, though that is not a given. Plenty of QT2 around. However, maybe a different course would be nice? And the swim is just plain rough. And based on recent history I don't start feeling myself again until early September which puts me almost into taper time for Kona. Getting into Lake Placid is the hardest of all, as I have to be in Lake Placid this year working as a volunteer even to have a chance to be there next year.

Louisville: 90-100 degrees, 100% humidity, almost no time to even recover before Kona. No family. No friends. Probably doesn't belong on the list at all.

Wisconsin: Qualifies for the following year in Kona making the ability to prep for a good race in Kona as optimal as it will get. Course profile actually suits me pretty well. However no family or friends and based on this year anyway, fewer qualifying spots for the big race. It is in September which is typically a good month for me speed-wise. As for the area, how much do I like cows?

And then there is option 5). Forget it all. No matter which path I pick this is going to be an expensive venture and there's no guarantee things will even work out.

So there it is. 8 days to figure it all out.