Friday, May 28, 2010

Right where I want to be...

I went for a training ride/test today: 36miles on my bike followed by a 3.92 mile run. The race wheels and aero helmet made an appearance as well. And there was no restrictor plate! The last few weeks, especially last weekend, have given me a pretty good idea of how hard I can stress things and still keep the wheels rolling. Long story short I put in my fastest times of the year and confirmed what I already knew to be true; my form is good. Not great. Good. Last July it was great. But you know, here's the kicker; this was the plan for this year. I want good form but with low stress, and good balance in my life. That way when it's time to get serious again I'll be mentally and physically fresh but still pretty strong. And truth be known while I might not be as fit as last year, I'm healthier. My heart rates today were about 6 bpm higher than during the same workout done last July just before Lake Placid. So I have pretty much the same speed potential it just requires a bit more effort. Clearly I'm not Ironman fit, not by a lot, but I'm only racing a 1/2 next Sunday and I think I'll be good. Not great. Good. On the old Mooseman course I'd think I'm in the 4:35-4:40 area right now. We'll see how I fare on the new course. I'm pretty relaxed so I'm 100% sure I won't choke it away, but no predictions except a solid respectable day. Here's to faking my way through the Mooseman 70.3!

Today's workout:

One other note, the rest of my life is pretty much where I want it to be as well. Today is my 16th wedding anniversary, in fact we've got the video playing right now. Damn I was young and everyone was waaaay skinnier than they are now (except Leanna and Me, we're good!). I set a goal for the year of contentment. As I cut the lawn today I felt it.