Saturday, May 08, 2010

Feel better

Maybe you've heard it before, but it is true you don't know how good you can feel until you feel good. Maybe that's why there are so many miserable people around. Maybe they think this is as good as it gets. If they could just try to change, change possibly including sacrifice, for just a period of time and have faith that things can be better, maybe then they can feel better. But no, so many people seem to want guarantees before they believe something, before they'll try something different; "the devil you know..." and all that. Anyone know the story of the disciple Thomas? Or maybe they've tried change and been let down. It's so hard to get let yourself believe after you've been let down, but you must!

I'm getting preachy again, yes I am. But it's because my gut feels great...really great. Now you know I've taken my diet and health seriously for a long time, but nonetheless until recently (about a month) I didn't know I could feel better still. However I made a change and wow what a difference. No rocket science here, but the change worked. I went fairly strict with the core diet (I say fairly because there still need to be some concessions when raising ice cream!). I also supplement with soluble fiber (Benefiber) and magnesium citrate, as well as a probiotic. It's like there was inflammation in my gut and it's gone away. Any time I've slipped I've started feeling like c-r-a-p again, and when I'm back on the wagon let the good times roll. My workouts, especially the runs, are more comfortable. I feel the urge to pee less (I know you really needed to know that one!). In short I feel good. Diet is just one thing but it's a big thing. And once you start feeling better physically, maybe you'll see improvement in other aspects of your life.

Change can be hard, can require sacrifice, does require rewiring your brain. But change is a necessary part of the natural order. Can you really expect to do the same thing over and over and yet get different results? Make a change. Stick with it long enough to see a difference. Keep a journal so you can prove to yourself there really is a difference. Document not just your weight and how you feel physically, but what else is going on in your life. Look for the patterns. That diet of hotdogs and chips might be doing more than making you portly. And if things don't work out? Pick yourself up, and try a different change.