Saturday, April 17, 2010

That mirror doesn't lie.

I'm not talking about an actual mirror. I'm talking about a metaphorical mirror. I'm talking about our children. Today I was reminded of what is probably one of the biggest needs in combating the decline of our society's general health and initiative. The realization came as I stood waist deep in the pool with Alexandra and Dylan. The best way for kids to be healthy and happy is to let them do what they instinctively want to do. And what evolution has taught them to do is, here's the most important part, what they see you doing! No really, they will. Maybe not what you want them to do or make them do or yell at them to do, but seriously they will do what you do, good AND bad. And if we want our kids to be happy and healthy, let's get our collective asses off the couch, stop making excuses and just have a good time being active! If they see you honestly enjoying yourself, they will follow. If it is contrived, well kids also have built in bullshit meters. They won't be buying it.

So maybe kids don't need personal batting coaches, pitching coaches, soccer tutors, dance coaches, etc... to be happy and healthy. Maybe they don't need dieticians. Maybe they don't need more structure or discipline. Maybe YOU do! Maybe you just need to put down the "Double Down", get your own butt in gear, and find something you really enjoy doing and then do it! No excuses.

Worth a try, isn't it?

And as long as I'm up here on this soapbox, have you ever stopped to consider that not taking care of yourself amounts to one of those most selfish acts you can perform? Your family loves you. If you actively or passively forfeit years with them by not doing what it takes to try and remain healthy, well, that's hard to excuse.

I know I'm awfully preachy today, but before you judge me too harshly, know this: I will always lend whatever assistance I can to anyone who earnestly wants to learn to change, free of charge.

PS: Smile. :-)