Saturday, April 10, 2010

One of those days

Maybe it was the lack of sleep all week. Maybe it was lingering fatigue from the Daddy and daughter dance. Maybe I was still dehydrated from yesterday's treadmill run. Maybe I was just plain weak from 4 days w/Norovirus earlier in the week. Maybe it was the crazy WNW wind blowing. Whatever it was, I just didn't have any punch today. Worst numbers since late February. But you know what? The primary cause just doesn't matter. It doesn't. None of those potential issues can be allowed to continue (well except the wind. no say in that one!), so in a sense it doesn't matter which one had the greatest impact. They all need to go.

In retrospect it's actually an interesting workout to analyze, interesting to me that is. No, not the numbers; outlier crap not worth keeping there. No, the interesting part is what was going through my head. That's why I'm writing this, actually.

I started at 6:00am and was in a fog for the next 3 hours. I knew last night I was going to be in a fog, but knowing it will happen and living it are two different things. What I did notice in that fog was that I didn't really feel slow. I felt normal. However the watch seemed to be running really, really fast! Intriguing. There were no stomach issues like last week, but there was no power on the hills either. I might actually take the hurling if it got me an extra 75 watts. As I saw the clocking running well past my previous benchmark times for this course I considered the impact of not being able to eat or retain much food for 4 days. Probably not good. I managed to hold the weight loss to 3 1/2 lbs, but I have a feeling there was some muscle in that 3 1/2 lbs. Following along this line of thinking then had me consider what I feel is the single greatest tenant of the QT2 protocol: consistency. Today was living proof. Little things, little cheats, little issues here and there can quickly add up and before you know it in one week you've regressed 4 weeks. Depending on what ultimately proves to have been the biggest contributing factor the rebound could well be less than 4 weeks, but nonetheless it will take time just to be where I was 8 days ago. If this pattern is born out across a year it's not hard to see how some athletes who "train really hard" still never improve.

I'm very experienced when it comes to this stuff. At least I have that going for me. I knew right away that I was paying the price for all those missteps. Call it athletic karma. However the real goal of the day was the volume anyway, not pace, so I just dialed it back a tick and did my full workout. I know too many people who would whine about being on a bad day, turn it in early and claim they didn't want to overdo it. Their body was telling them to rest. My body was telling me to stop being an idiot and take care of it. That begins be rebuilding my durability, which begins by putting in my volume at a manageable pace TODAY. Not tomorrow. Not Monday.

I do not have any physical ailments, I'm just tired and weak. The time to rebuild is now.

PS: The TRX experiment begins tomorrow. It's all part of "Operation Underwear Model." I'm seriously considering before and after pictures!