Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good workout

I was happily surprised by my run this morning. On the surface it might not appear spectacular, good, but it's nothing I haven't done already this year. Except for one thing: today I did my 10 mile run coming off the bike. Because of the wetness outside I road my trainer for the bike, but a good honest ride, if not overly long, it was. No slacking like some mornings. I drove my heart into zone and kept it there. It took some strong coffee, caffeinated gel, and sports drink to get the heart going, but I did! 75min later my legs felt sufficiently softened up, so I switched to run gear, strapped on the Garmin, and went out in to the damp mid-40s weather we're having. 1:08:50 later I was done.

I'm sitting here feeling very relaxed and not all that taxed. It's good to realize I'm making progress even when things get all foobar like they did last week. Next week the kids are staying with Grandma and Grandpa so I plan to log my first extended workout of the year. It'll give me an idea where I stand from an endurance standpoint, and thus give me the baseline I need to set a couple of goals for the year.

Today's run:

On a side note, I'm a recent convert to Nike Free. I'd been pretty skeptical, but on a recent trip to Boston stopped by Niketown and tried on the 5.0 and the 7.0. The 7.0 wrapped my foot so well it was like I had finally found the shoes that were designed for my foot. I've run in them twice and had no issues. I also have not felt so smooth on the road in, well I don't know when. And I've been able to run w/o my orthotics for the first time since 2006. They are so incredibly stable on my foot, a product of the fit as well as the sole, that I have great confidence for the first time on all surfaces. It was a very pleasant surprise.