Saturday, April 03, 2010

Good and Bad

This weather is beautiful, especially after the rains and floods from the beginning of the week. So there was no way I wasn't bringing my bike with me to CT for Easter. This was the perfect opportunity to get in my first ride of the year with some real climbing. The plan was to ride for about 2 1/2 hours, knock down 3500ft of climbing, and then do a 4.5 mile t-run. That was the plan anyway.

I woke of this morning and the only way to describe how I felt is "off." Nothing about breakfast seemed appealing. Nonetheless I choked down some sports drink, a power bar, and a little coffee. Fairly typical fare for me; nothing new. I set out at about 6:30am hoping I'd start to feel better, and alas I did somewhat. Not great, but better. Then I hit the first climb and WOW! My legs were outstanding. Really outstanding. Late June outstanding. Then I crested the first climb ready for a good ride and, whoops, up came the sports drink, power bar, coffee, etc... Not just a little, but all of it. From that point on I couldn't even hold down a gel. However the legs felt great so I opted to only shorten the ride by a little (removed one long climb) and just ride low Z1. Even without feeding I could manage that. You see it was just my stomach feeling off. Everything else was awesome, well, except my hands. I forgot my gloves. I finished the ride and opted to hold off on the run. If I feel better as the day progresses I can always throw it in. If not, no big loss; I'm running pretty well.

So I have mixed feelings about the day. Bummed I couldn't really go for it on a great day, but very excited about how strong I was. In the long run that's the more important thing anyway.

Cheers everyone,


PPS: I so hate uptight drivers when I'm riding!