Thursday, March 04, 2010

Moving forward

I always feel faster in the dark. I know it's because of the limited range of vision makes objects seem to move from the limit of my sight to the foreground that much faster. Still it's cool. I ran last night; just a one mile effort up Longwood Ave from Brookline Ave to Harvard St. I felt a little guilty because I told Leanna I wouldn't go back to the hotel on foot, but there were no cabs, there was plenty of light, and it was sooo close. Even going uphill carrying my book and in street clothes I made it in 7 minutes. That's been my "workout" the last couple of days: repeats up and down Longwood from BIDMC to the Courtyard Marriott in Brookline. And I'm feeling good.

A strange thing happened yesterday after the surgery, my habits changed. It was subtle, I didn't really notice until today, but I stopped eating comfort food. Today for lunch instead of going to the Longwood Galleria Foodcourt (*yuck*), I did my repeat to Harvard St, right to Trader Joes. And I had this overwhelming desire to buy...fruit! Apples and bananas. And no hamburgers for lunch, but sushi instead! And okay I picked up a bottle of red wine to drink in the room... :-)

Leanna has been amazing through this. She's really tough and doesn't give herself credit for such. She's been mostly refusing her pain meds. I tried to tell her there were no bonus points if you toughed it out, but she wasn't buying it. Today I gave her my 2009 IMLP Finisher medal because she deserves it after all she's been through. Because she's not a triathlete the gesture doesn't have quite the significance to her that is does to me, but others will get it and I want everyone to know just what she's made of.

So what's the great revelation I had? My body is getting me (and itself) ready to race for real again, that's what is happening. My diet is cleaning up and my focus is returning. I think I've dropped a pound or 2 already. I may not race a ton this year, but I think I'll represent pretty well. Hopefully I'll get into the races I want (I think I'll be entering when I get home this weekend, Mooseman and Pumpkinman). And God willing, my family will be with me at those races.