Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm feelin' it

I've managed to get the bike on the road outdoors twice now(v. short rides, 18 miles each). The first time was perfect weather, not wind and the surprise of surprises was how good I felt. The power was there. The handling was there. It was the most comfortable I've been on an early season road ride. And the pace was something equal to what I was putting up in June of last year. Actually it seemed too good to be true.

Today I road again to validate that feeling. It was windy and noticeably cooler. Despite having a max speed 4mph slower than the first ride, I finished the loop 4sec faster with an avg HR 3 bpm slower. I also followed this up with 6 miles of 7:07/mile running 3 bpm below my Z1 top (also late May pace).

Can't deny it anymore. Staying healthy in February made a big difference. So have those periodic very hard first mile T-runs. Last year I had some issues using all of my potential. Legs would blow (or seemed to, maybe it was my head) before I pushed my heart to the top. I jokingly referred to this as bouts of "vaginitis." The miles have cured that.

Looking forward to race season.

Sandy Point: March 12
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