Saturday, March 20, 2010

I have seen the enemy...

...and yes he really is me (us).

A week down at my new job, and time to reflect. There are a lot of different, odd, annoying things but in the final assessment the only true issues are those I'm creating myself. I need to deprogram myself; stop driving...driving...driving. Relax, everything will be fine.

It did suck missing a few training days this week, but slowly I'm seeing the potential for a routine. I was so busy focusing on the fact that my new building wasn't in the greatest area for running (though a great bike path is nearby), I missed the fact that I can actually bring my bike to work and ride at lunch again. I haven't done that since I worked at APC, and really missed it. And my building has treadmills (seldom used by the look of my co-workers!), and stationary bikes, and showers.

It's also taking a bit of time to get used to being "disconnected." I don't have access to Twitter, Facebook, even my Gmail account while at work, not even on my bank issued Blackberry. It's all Citizens, all the time. **side note: me thinks this Blackberry will spend quite a bit of time in the off position!** I haven't been this disconnected in a few years. Know what I noticed? I noticed that I didn't have to think about work, not even for a second from the moment I stepped out of the building yesterday afternoon. Sweet! People think of higher ed as relaxed, and while that may be true, Brown has this unfortunate "second city" mentality. They want so dearly to do what Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or MIT do that they miss what is truly special about Brown. Up on college hill there really are some very smart, good people too. The result is they try to do as much or more than their peers with far fewer resources. It shows in the faces of the people who try to succeed even when the deck is stacked against them.

But I digress. I got out for a "training" session today. Training is in quotes because it definitely did not fit the QT2 protocol, unless of course this was a mock race week. But there are times where I love, no need the mock race. Yes it means I'm probably training my anaerobic system more than I should and my aerobic system less, but you know there's nothing like it for mood control. 90 minutes going hard on the bike followed by some max effort running is one of the best ways I know to quell that "smelling blood wanting to rip your head off" sensation!

Random notes:
  • I'm entered in two races this year: Mooseman (June) and Pumpkinman (September), both 1/2 Ironman distance.
  • I'll probably race the Wrentham Duathlon in April.
  • I still need a pool but have a few prospects.
  • My daughter is indeed 6 today.
  • I'll be 44 in 3 days. :-0
  • I weigh 155lbs now. Strength and health are good.
  • My Facebook friends now include people from St. Edmunds, kids and Dads! I got an invite from Isaac Harper and honestly wasn't sure who that was. Now if he had identified himself as "Mr. Harper"... :-) After all, all the Dads were "Mr."
  • Related note, it's weird being called "Mr. Kehm". That's my dad people!
  • Alexandra got roller skates for her birthday. "Skateaway" is now playing in my head.
  • Somewhere along the line I passed another bonding milestone with Dylan. He really is "my best little buddy."
  • Leanna is doing more and more each day. While she doesn't always seem to notice this, I do and it makes me happy. Long journey left, but already miles under her belt.