Friday, March 05, 2010

Good to be home (and other randomness)

Under other circumstances, that could have been a very nice little getaway to Boston. The hotel was reasonable, if very standard. But hell, you only sleep in the room anyway and it was big and comfortable. There were a ton of places to eat right there. And we were right on the green line, so an easy hit into town if we wanted.

The kids are at dinner with Grandma and Grandpa, two people who stepped up really well for us, and Leanna is safely tucked away in the bedroom. I'm obviously here typing away. I'm taking this opportunity to de-stress a little and knock down some (a lot actually) Cabernet. I didn't sleep. Not well anyway. Instead I read a vampire book and looked every bit the part by this morning. Forget someone assaulting me as I ran back to the room late at night. I likely scared the sh-t out of most people. I don't think of myself as the least bit scary or intimidating, but then I looked in the mirror this morning!

The procedure went really well and we have real reason to be hopeful. I love our surgeon. She is confident, bordering on cocky. And you know what? When you've got something like this to be done that's EXACTLY the person you want. I don't want some schmuck telling me how everything has risk and anything can happen even if the odds are long. I want the "my sh-t doesn't stink I'll call you and tell you how great I was when I break scrub" person every time. And she liked metaphors (as do I): "The fibroid was massive. Like the size of a Whopper. And I got the whole thing. It was easy." Confident and easy to understand; a good combination.

Final random thought here: I was in CVS getting Leanna's prescriptions filled and I stuck my arm into one of those "blood and pulse" machines while I waited. Suddenly I had visions of "Dawn of the Dead". The damn thing grabbed hold of me and didn't let go for minutes. Holy cr-p people, you can let the air out a little faster! No wonder it has warnings all over it about bruising and the potential to maim small children. Anyway I tested out at 109/60 and 48bpm to go with my 157lb body weight. It does make me wonder what my pulse is while I sleep. I might wear the monitor overnight tonight to see what it records.

**PS: The phrase of the week was: this (insert activity here) was NOT in the wedding vows!**