Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just an update

Nothing exciting to write about; no deep thoughts. Just a moment to relate that which currently is. Training's been going well. I haven't been doing anything too long, but I'm getting consistent reps in. I'm running pretty well, especially off the bike. The shorter crank on my bike feels very good, and I've managed to stay healthy so far this month, which given my track record is really something. The plan had been to run the 10k in Hyannis on the 28th, but now that is not in the cards. Family matters take priority. The plan was to see if I could finally break a 6:00/mile avg for a distance greater than 5 miles. It's another one of those milestones which I've never actually accomplished in my life. I had more raw speed in high school, but couldn't really do much of note longer than 5k. Later on as my endurance improved and I started to develop my sense of pacing, well, I no longer had speed. In fact until I "broke through" and went 6:05/mile at the Chafee 10k in March '08 and then again in December I was pretty much constrained to 6:11 and slower efforts. True I never really focused on the distance, but nonetheless it was frustrating to feel I should probably be able to do it, and couldn't. After running 6:03/mile for 5 miles ~4 weeks ago, on a hilly course no less, staying healthy and training, I feel I'm ready to break that barrier. The typical one mile hard I do after my trainer work is now routinely in the low 5:30s. Now I just need to find a race.
More than the running, I'm going to miss seeing my QT2 friends at Hyannis. Many are starting their seasons in earnest in a matter of weeks and while we've kept in touch electronically, I haven't really seen anybody since Lake Placid last year. Hard to believe it's been as long as it has. Well peeps, I'll be with you in spirit if not in body.
Bring it.