Friday, January 01, 2010

Out with the old...

...even if it is unfinished! This blog has recently become littered with unpublished drafts. Some had promise, but for one reason or another never quite got to the point where they said what I wanted them to say, and thus were unworthy of publishing. So with today being the first day of 2010 (and of course the rest of our lives), I'm scrapping the partially finished works and starting fresh.

Goals for 2010:
1) Contentment. This is my big one. It was a response to a Twitter poll and I like it, especially if you use the definition of "Santosha".

2) Post more to this blog. Twitter and Facebook are fine, but once in a while it's nice to lay out full trains of thought. I'm going to aim for once a week.

and 3) the more mundane "get a new job." Above all else I need to like what I'm doing. I don't "compartmentalize" well, so if work is making me miserable I'll be miserable everywhere and to everyone. I moved into management earlier last decade because that was what you were supposed to do. Well I'm a builder perhaps even a leader, not a manager. Managers maintain status quo. I need to create.

I'll conclude this post with a thought about Selfishness and Selflessness. Like love and hate they are not opposites. They are more like next door neighbors. Personally I think of selflessness as achieved when in the final assessment of a situation you postpone the selfish want. You have to have the selfish want in the first place or your act isn't all that selfless. It is a very thin line that I walk with these competing states. If they were opposites the gap would be huge, wouldn't it?

Boy I'd love a new bike, an Argon 18 E114.