Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back in action

Well I almost didn't go, but I'm glad I did. It's been a roller coaster since Placid, and I had no real idea where my fitness stood. But the weather was nice, the wind relatively calm, and I needed to know how well I've held up. So yes I went to the 26th Annual Christmas 10k Run & 3.5 Mile Walk. This was my first competitive effort since July. Training has been inconsistent, but when I have trained I've tried to be smart about it so the minutes were no wasted. I've also tried to keep my weight reasonably in check. I started the day at 159lbs which is 6.5lbs more than my LP race weight. The course is pretty flat with a few rollers and a .2mile kicker right at the end. Makes your heart try to jump out of your chest it does! Long story short, I tried to run reasonably, not flashy. Took it out at 5:55 and tried to keep pace from going over 6:20 as I tired. The final result was a 37:45. My Garmin logged the distance as 6.17, or 6:07 per mile. That is exactly what both the running calculator, and my Daniels training spreadsheet said I should run. Of course both were based on a guesstimate of being able to manage a 18:10 5k.

I've run this race before and would have been happy with anything under 38:20, and was shooting for 38:00. The extra 15sec were a bonus! It did hurt like hell. I knew RPE would be 10+ because I've done NOTHING since last Tuesday. I hurled 3 times (warm-up, mile 3.2, and after the finish). Here are the results:

That's me with the misspelled name in 15th place.

I'm also including a link to my pace data. I was hoping for pace and HR, but as happens when running in cold weather, by mile 2 my heart strap slid down to my waist. You'd think the belly would have held it in place! The splits were taken at the mile markers, though you'll notice the 5th mile marker was off a bit. The avg speed numbers tell the real tale.

Don't know when I'm going again, but it is a relief to know that if I have the opportunity to focus again, I still have something in the tank.

PS: The whole crew turned out for the finish. It was great to see them. The kids especially loved the "Allie's Donuts".