Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yeah I'm thinking again...hate that.

I really need to stop doing thinking, especially when I should be in bed. But after a pleasantly surprising day running, I'm stuck remembering the surgery that started it all. I've written about it before, so I'll just leave a link here which describes the circumstances.

Pectus Excavatum

As a parent I want nothing more than to protect my children. When I asked my parents why they agreed to let me have the procedure at the age of 12 (I was actually in the hospital on my 13th birthday), my mom gave me the short ,"well you wanted it." I'm really glad they let me, but obviously I had no idea what it meant. I mean I was 12. They trusted me to Dr. Ravitch (the inventor of the procedure used on me). The improvement in my athletic performance was immediate as my chest expanded. Middle of the pack runner in my class to almost the best. In essence a huge part of my life as I know it started that day in March. I just wonder if I could do it in my parent's place. At the time the thought was that it was mostly a cosmetic fix. We know now it wasn't, but that's hindsight. I still have general numbness and an impressive scar. It was a big deal. My parents are smart people. They understood it was a big deal. Could I do it?

Hopefully I won't have to find out, but no doubt there will be something. That's just life.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that the first non-family visitor to my bedside is one of my Facebook friends. Thank you for the comic books Charlie. I've never forgotten.