Friday, October 23, 2009


So I need to restart the research. My best efforts were derailed by a mild cold which started coming on last week. Because the family situation is still such that I really can't afford to go on the DL, I completely shutdown the training last Wednesday and started hitting the zinc, C, and echinacea and the neti pot. This bit-o-voodoo got me through with very minor symptoms. In an effort to maintain the "purity" of this very un-scientific study, I'm resetting the clock and doing a new baseline run on Sunday.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Going strapless

I forgot my heart strap this weekend, but did have the GPS watch, so I decided why not "test" my form. The route was the 8.5 mile loop from my in-laws house in Shelton, CT. The notable feature of the course is the climb up Long Hill Ave. It's about a mile and a quarter long and gets pretty steep near the end, climbing about 400ft vertical. The whole run features about 1000ft vertical.

I set a personal best on the loop today with a 56:26, ~ a 6:38/mile average pace. I ran the final two miles below 6:00/mile.

I'll take it.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday in the rain

Pleasant surprise on this run. Despite poor sleep this week a better run than the last time on Blackstone Blvd. Better pace at less effort. I run this route a lot, and the trend is good. Maybe I really do just thrive on runs in the rain.

The data

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday is Runday

I had a decent run today. Nice strong finish, though there were some rough spots early on. I had a few miles worth of flashing lights and disorientation. I know why it happened; all about the pre-run activities (think kids and too much predawn activity). Things were the worst shortly after mile 2. I knew where I was based on the route I was running, but I just didn't really recognize anything. However the legs were great so I just focused on taking the steps, and waited for things to clear. By mile 4 though the head was clear and it was smooth sailing.

Here's the data

Saturday, October 03, 2009

It's that time of year again...

This is the time of year, every year, when the inner geek in me resurfaces. Yeah, I know, as opposed to the outer geek which is present all year long! Anyway, in the spirit of Roger Bannister I use myself as my own human subject. Maybe this is part of the "secret" to my endurance; I never really stop training, I just change it up so it feels more like play than training.

The last few years I've spent off-season time tweaking bike position, especially the front end of my bike. Of course to test any change you have to ride a little, so... This year I'm focusing on some aspects unrelated to my bike, though I do have one bike related change in the works as well. For a six week period, which started last Sunday, I'm going to do a very specific set of workouts and see how I can change my current fitness. The baseline run will be last Saturday's run around Sachuest. My workouts will be more about repetition and less about duration: 5 days per week totaling no more than 3 hrs. Also there will be only 3 runs and 2 bikes. This is extremely light compared to what I've handled in the past, and thus will be very manageable.

As well as retesting around Sachuest, at the conclusion of the test I also plan to take whatever fitness I have and put it to the test in competition. There's a 5k near my house in early November as well as an 8k steeplechase a week later. The 5k will probably provide more accurate results because the technical nature of steeplechase adds too many variables. Anyway you slice it, though, should be fun. Stay tuned for the updates.