Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sure I have to forfeit all my cool, but...

... I have to admit I like the van. And let's face it, I'm not forfeiting much if anything! First a little background on this van; it's pretty pimped out. I figured if I was giving in, I'd go all the way. Not only are the seats and doors power, but the rear hatch is as well. It also has DVD, wireless headsets, XM radio, 15 drink holders, and more hidden compartments than the Millenium Falcon. I plan to sleep in it tonight.

Tropical depression + shopping trip to BJs + power rear hatch = happy daddy. I opened the thing from 15 ft away and it's so big it's like putting an awning up.

And the storage area is HUUUUUGE.

And I like being able to have the kids get themselves in through the side doors, and with a push of the button they're safely shut into the vehicle while I load up.

So just call me Clark Griswold, and for x-mas someone needs to get me one of those magnetic soccer balls!