Friday, August 21, 2009

It's official

I'm shutting it down for the year. Initially I had planned on racing in September, either a 1/2 Iron or a 50k trail race (running), but that plan's now scrapped. Issues that have dogged us much of this year are still present and I need to help out around here w/o adding the stress higher volume training brings. Both the aforementioned events would require at least one or two extended workouts per week in addition to regular workouts. However this doesn't mean I'm not training at all. I'll be doing some, because I go nuts if I don't. And I will be running the Amica Marathon in Newport in mid-October. "But you said you're not racing?" Yes I did, but the Amica (formerly Breakers) Marathon will be a glorified training run because it is run entirely on roads I know. I can also manage the bulk of the training at work meaning I'm around all weekend. And there's no traveling and the kids can come out and see me run. The second half of the course loops around my house making spectating really, really easy.
If anyone wants to come down and run with me or spectate, just drop me a line. You can hang here.