Friday, July 10, 2009

Home stretch

16 days to go. I'm well into the taper. Things are good physically. I had a touch of tendinitis in my ankle after my peak volume period, but that's clearing up. Had a rare double flat tire during my last big training ride. Had just enough co2 to repair both, but wound up riding the last 80 miles or so on 2 partially inflated tires.
Leanna still makes progress though not at the pace we'd like. She is driving a little again, so it seems the vertigo has subsided for the most part. So I'm back at work full time again. Yeah, turns out I didn't miss much. Still have to get my staff's reviews done. I'm about a month late with those. Also am behind on some project status reports. But you know what? I really don't care much, for 3 reasons:
1) We already know there are no raises for like the next 3 years.
2) My manager told me he's not putting me in for a promotion.
and most importantly
3) In a little over 2 weeks I'm going to be hitting Ironman Lake Placid with by far the best form I've ever had, and that includes last year. While there's always quite a bit of luck involved, most everything else has been addressed.

So it's back to being a Dad/Husband/triathlete who also has a job which (mostly) pays the bills. Could be worse actually. I could be stuck with just a job, and that would be so much less fulfilling of a life.