Monday, June 29, 2009

Knock on wood...

...but the things seem to be turning around. Leanna is on the mend; not there quite yet but we're stringing good days together into a pattern of steady progress. She's still unable to drive which means I'm still working from home.
I have been training, actually a lot, fitting it in wherever. Actually got in extra volume (within reason) because I've had a lot of nervous energy to work off. This week, especially the weekend, was the biggest week of training I've had. Yesterday was 98 miles riding (okay Tim I told you about the 90, but I did tack an 8 mile tail onto the end of the ride to get 5 hours in...mea culpa) followed immediately by an 8.12 mile run (1 hour even). Total exercise time was 6 hours and 8 minutes. Today I followed that up with the 17.8 mile run around the ocean drive. I was really concerned that I wouldn't have it in me to pull this off. The first 40 minutes of the run were brutal. Then I found the rhythm and it just became a regular run. Okay a little harder than a regular run, but it did go well. As beat as I am physically, I actually feel pretty relaxed right now because for the first time this year I really feel like I can reach this goal. I know I have never, including last year, been in the condition where I could put together a string of workouts like this and still be a functional husband and father. After all, I am still managing the show here too.
The biggest hit my training had taken to date seemed to be mental, not physical. I've been so concerned about the constant changes and upset, missed hours, makeup hours, etc... that I figured there was no way I was where I needed to be physically. Well I put up some really solid numbers this weekend in all three disciplines. The fact that I'm sitting here writing this tells me I'm still in the hunt for Kona.

Less than 4 weeks to go and this week is another big one...time for the final push.