Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's June what?!

Ironman Lake Placid is 5 1/2 wks away. That means I'm in the final push of training, right? Well yes and no. According to my schedule I am; according to the log of actuals...not so much. Here's the last 36 hrs:

Wed 1:45am, One child nightmare.
3:45am One accident
4:30am scheduled wake-up for 100min workout, doesn't happen. Plan is to do it that at lunch+ that night.
6:45am Kids up...morning routine.
Leanna is still quite ill so Kirsten is coming to watch the kids at 8:30am
8:40am leave for work.
9:30 arriving in Providence. Get call to come home. Leanna is going to ER.
4:00pm everyone home from ER.
Mentally beat so plan is to try to do workout Thurs in addition to Thurs swim.
Thurs 7:05 everyone up, morning routine.
8:30 drop off Dylan
8:50 drop off Alexandra
9:10 home
10:00am back to Newport ER.
4:30pm home again with both kids, Leanna, and my in-laws.

So much for best laid plans. So I'm riding for 2hrs on my trainer tonight. An hour in the morning. Running god knows when. I missed a key swim, though thanks to a "cheat" I did get in 30min of ocean swimming Tuesday which is typically my steady swimming day, but was supposed to be off this week. Tough conditions Tuesday resulting in a reminder of why I always swim with a buddy: about 6min into the swim we hit the first buoy. I stopped swimming to tread and sight my new line when it hit me: vertigo. I know it happens, but it had never happened before. I almost lost it out there. My partner Mike calmed me down. We started swimming again and I just followed is feet. It gave me a good object on which to focus. About 5min later it had mostly passed and the rest was uneventful.

It's safe to say I'm a bit concerned about my readiness for LP. I can't take much more of this. That said I'm not that far off my training volume for the week, at least I won't be by 8:00am Friday. We're currently "sleep optional" at the Kehm household until I'm caught up. Oh, but we are beer mandatory.

**Update: June 21**
Spent the entire weekend in Newport Hospital. Lake Placid participation is very much in jeopardy. Haven't totally given up the ghost yet, but with the long weeks on tap, hard to see how it gets done right now.