Monday, June 22, 2009

An interesting rhythm

I've fallen into this rhythm the last couple of days where life has begun to operate on a 24 hour clock. A pretty steady pattern of family/daddy duty, then some training (never more than 2hrs at a time), then back to family/daddy. Yes the notable missing element is work. Sleep actually does make an appearance as the item that appears in a given block when training doesn't. While my training is not optimal, I am getting my total hours in by increasing the number of reps. Sleep actually is not that far off, either. Once again no long stretches, just more reps.
This is possible because I work in higher ed and have a couple weeks of accrued sick time available, and a few more weeks of vacation should it be needed. I knew there was a reason I worked at Brown!
This emerging pattern (I'm all about patterns) is important because I might just be able to pull this off! This week and next I'm overloading my training, and if I make it through this I think I can actually make it to LP in decent shape! Yes it is all predicated on Leanna's continued improvement, but she was much better today than she has been in a few days. True it is just one day, and no doubt there will be setbacks, but we're only living one day at a time anyway, so I'll take it. It gives me a fraction of a bit of hope, and for someone as stubborn (and could it be optimistic?) as me, that's all I need.