Sunday, June 21, 2009

35 days and counting

Well the body is still willing and able, my 5k interval during my run yesterday was @ 5:55/mile, but logistics are about to get very hard. 34 hrs of training scheduled over the next 2 wks, plus work, plus taking care of the kids, plus taking care of Leanna. My trainer will be seeing A LOT of action, but I need road time to get the pacing right. Pacing is my differentiator. I know I'm excellent at it...if I get my dress rehearsals in. I need that "imprinting" on my brain and muscles. Race day I can recall those sensations and dose my effort properly. I have my GPS/Heart monitor, so assuming I just get the time in physically I'll be ready, but I'll have to rely almost entirely on the electronics for strategy, and while I love technology, I wouldn't be thrilled about betting my whole qualifier on it.