Friday, May 29, 2009

The sun will come out tomorrow...

We made it through the week. It wasn't always pretty, far from perfect, but we made it. It was better than last week. I'm still a bit concerned about pulling it together for the Mooseman half iron in a week, and then Lake Placid; however, I feel better than I did at the beginning of the week. If I get through Monday and complete all my training, I'll feel back on track.
In an odd way the good news is that the lack of readiness is pretty much a mental thing. I had a lot of Best Effort workouts (hard repeats, short rest). They felt god awful, but I did them and did them pretty well. In fact my run today contained 4x800m repeats with 2:30 rest, and I actually negative split the whole workout: 2:40, 2:39, 2:37, 2:36. There was also a 400m kicker at the end run in 1:11. And all that was done with zero on the adrenaline meter. I actually was uncomfortable bordering on miserable the whole time. Between family health issues and work stress, I had nothing in the tank. And still I pulled off quality workouts everyday this week. Despite my physical discomfort as I sit here, I'm pretty content. I wasn't sure if I had enough left upstairs to push myself through these. Turns out I did.

On another note I'm torn about what to do with regards to my employee who resigned this week. It's not a "should I see if we can counter offer" thing; I'm fundamentally opposed to that. Sets a bad precedent. Rather I'm wondering if I should tell him what I really think. You see I really think he's making a big mistake. He's so focused on some objectionable things in his current role, that he isn't properly appreciating what he's about to get in his new job. Sure it sounds egotistical, but he's taking a real downgrade in manager, at least from the standpoint of how much I can offer him in mentoring and career development as opposed to his new manager. However, I'm leaning away from actually telling him because I fear it would be like "drunk dialing." And anyway, I'm not about to offer him something new (even if I could). He's welcome back if there is a job, but he needs to figure out what he wants out of his professional life himself.