Friday, May 08, 2009

Missed posts like missed workouts...

...stack up in a hurry. There's plenty to write about, but it just hasn't been happening lately.
Mostly the Kehm household has been in some minor disarray since our trip to NYC 2 weeks ago. Long story short we've had to deal with yet another bout of whole family health issues here. Nothing big, but it is getting tiresome. Rather than try an work through it this time, I just shut it down for most of this week. Just taking my medicine, so to speak, in the hopes of getting back on track this weekend. I'm trying to avoid another prolonged health situation like Feb./Mar. For the record, no cases of swine flu here, but that doesn't mean the RI Dept of Health didn't get involved. I'll fill you in on those details at another time or in person.
In the midst of all this has come a big po0sitive on the work front. It appears to be a potentially life defining (in a professional way) chance. I'm not going to attempt to write the details here, but let's just say I'm taking a crash course in genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics.

I'll write more soon. Now it's back to riding the trainer.