Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting hyper

I've come to realize I've got a lot going on. Some good, some not so much, but in general I shouldn't complain...but that doesn't mean I won't! Because the weather is warmer and the days are longer I'm starting to get a little hyper about my readiness for Lake Placid. This year has been frustrating because every time I seem to really step up a notch I get sick. I have been bouncing back reasonably well, but that's a lot of snot coming out in the last 4 1/2 months or so. I'm just now getting over illness #4, and had a nice solid workout today, so things are improving.

At the same time I'm starting a project at work which has the potential to be transformational, at least for me. I'm working on a new approach to reviewing data gathered on preterm babies and their mothers, including DNA data, to try and determine causes for preterm birth (click here). The work on the project will contribute to a major grant proposal, which it sounds like a section of which I will also be writing. It's a whole new professional adventure for me and the first time I've been really excited about work in years. There are plenty of challenges ahead, but of everything I've ever done this has that "life's work" feeling to it.

But then there's still my regular management job which is really starting to suck. I have a dud employee and it's really damaging the team morale. Higher ed doesn't do quick terminations. I wish I were back at APC for this one. The problem would have been solved months ago.

And did I mention I've been married 15yrs at the end of this month? Leanna and I are actually escaping for a few days this weekend to celebrate. Between you and me I think it's her way of working me for extra gifts; one this weekend and one on the actual day! ;-) Hey, in all seriousness though, she deserves that and more.

So now I'm hyper because there's so much going on, and when I get that way other things happen, most notably being irritated by meaningless things. After reading something online I now feel the need to open up the whoop on the 40-44 year olds at Mooseman in a few weeks to clearly announce my intentions to go for a Kona spot in Lake Placid as well. Sure my life is busy and whacky and yes, I can only manage peak training weeks of about 14hrs. And I ride a K-Mart bike. But I've earned this family has earned this one by putting up with me!