Sunday, April 05, 2009


I've finally gotten my first on-road bike workout in the books, and well, I'm glad it's April 5th and not June or July 5th. It was cold (yes, it's beautiful now but not so much at 5:45am) and really windy! My lap times were scary slow, but that wasn't the important thing. I rode my target zones unless I was climbing, and I did my time. I've got a long way to go. Despite all that I think I'm about where I was in May of last year, and my endurance is better. Slow, but I could keep going. Slow, but still able to crank out a respectable 4 mile run after the ride. Slow, but I recovered quickly and took the kids to the park so they could ride their bikes.
I'm getting a little downtime right now as everyone is in their rooms. No doubt Alexandra will emerge in a couple of minutes proclaiming that she had a good (10 minute) nap. Because I'll take anything I can get, I'll stop here and grab a 'Z'.